Would you believe it, the next market on Sunday 11 October at the Coburg Town Hall officially marks our 7th birthday!

Round She Goes Fashion Market

Our very first event was at the German Club in Windsor back in October 2008. The concept was a hit from the very first event, and some sellers have been doing it since that very first event! It’s been a wild ride, that’s for sure. I feel so lucky to have become part of a supportive community of sellers who love the market too in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

To celebrate our birthday, we’ve got a bunch of lovely things to giveaway on market day to customers. We’ll be running as a lucky dip, and you’ll need to say a codeword to collect a present. The passwords will be in out next newsletter, so be sure to sign up here.


What’s up for grabs? 

5x copies of Time After Time by Minna Gilligan

Cover Minna G Time After TIme

In Time After Time, fashion icon, artist and illustrator Minna Gilligan shares her desire for mixing and matching fashions from different eras, by offering creative ways to combine vintage pieces with current trends and new items of clothing. Minna imparts her wisdom on everything from specific eras in fashion to how to shop at thrift stores and how you should wear your vintage finds. She shows how to pull together fabulous outfi ts for all occasions – fl ick through the pages to find her modelling looks for Date Night, Beauty School Drop-Out, Saturday Night at the Movies and Cherry Bomb – Minna will have you creating amazing looks for every event!

Minna’s stunning artwork and signature collages feature throughout the book as she illustrates creative ways to play around with items plucked from different time periods, including bags, buttons, collar details, shoes, hats, glasses and more. Time After Time is a beautiful colour riot of fashion inspiration and advice that will perk up any fashion-lover’s wardrobe.

5x copies of Hello Tokyo: Handmade projects and fun ideas for a cute, Tokyo-inspired lifestyle by Ebony Bizys

Hello Tokyo

This book by Japanese-based Australian blogger/crafter/designer/zine publisher Ebony Bizys (aka Hello Sandwich) is a cute and quirky guide to living a handmade lifestyle, filled with projects and ideas inspired by Ebony’s life in Tokyo. Capturing the charm, humour and originality of her eclectic and highly successful blog, Hello Sandwich, this book features craft projects and inspirational styling ideas, and gives the reader a glimpse of Japanese culture.

Hello Tokyo is the quintessential Hello Sandwich publication. It captures Ebony’s fascination with the myriad treasures of everyday existence, ranging from personalised crafts such as handmade stationery and clothing accessories, as well as decorative items and storage solutions for the home; to recording your daily life and travels with a camera, journal or even a blog; to hosting, theming and styling a fun party or picnic.

8x copies of Don’t Get Me Wrong by Marianne Kavanagh


For fans of Jojo Moyes, David Nicholls and Sophie Kinsella, here is a Pride and Prejudice for the modern era. Londoners Kim and Harry can’t see eye to eye…until the life of the person they both love most hangs in the balance.

Kim has never grasped what her free-spirited big sister Eva sees in a stuck-up banker like Harry and has spent her childhood trying to keep him out, while Harry’s favourite occupation is winding Kim up.

Both Harry and Kim are too trapped in their prejudices to care about what’s really going on beneath the surface of each other’s lives. They’ll never understand each other—until the worst of all tragedy strikes.

Faced with the possibility of losing the person they both love most, long-buried secrets come to a head in ways that will change both Harry and Kim forever.

8x copies of The Underwritings by Michelle Miller


The Underwriting takes you behind closed doors into a world of sex scandals, power plays and shady trading. It’s the dangerous and thrilling place where The Social Network meets The Wolf of Wall Street.

Todd Kent is young, hot and on his way to the top of Wall Street when the eccentric founder of Hook, the popular new dating app, handpicks him to lead its float on the stock exchange. Hook has been helping Todd score with women and now it’s going to make him rich.

Todd and his investment banking team—brainy Neha, party-boy Beau and old flame Tara Taylor—race to close the $14 billion deal of the decade. It’s the chance of a lifetime for Tara, too, who sees her opportunity to break through the glass ceiling and justify six years of sacrifices for her career.

But nothing is what it seems in Silicon Valley—and when tragedy strikes, and the sparks fly, there’s no telling who might get burned.

Some double passes to see Miss You Already, the new Drew Barrymore + Toni Collette film.


Miss You Already stars Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette as Jess and Milly, life-long best friends who have shared everything since childhood. But their relationship is put to the test when Milly discovers she has breast cancer, while Jess faces motherhood for the first time. Featuring a picturesque London setting and terrific chemistry between Barrymore and Collette, Miss You Already is a heartwarming film about the true meaning of friendship. When life falls apart, friends keep it together. It’s in cinemas on 8 October. If you haven’t seen the trailer, you can watch it here.