Back in 2010, Round She Goes became the first preloved fashion market event to establish a partnership with the Red Cross Shops. We’d been long-time super-fans of this charity, and we pitched them the idea that at the end of our events, stallholders could donate any unsold clothing and accessories to their op-shops.

This simple idea has snowballed into having a massive impact and the Red Cross have said their best quality donations come from Round She Goes events. Over the last eight years, we’ve hosted over 70 events across Australia and our participants have generously given an enormous amount of quality donations. Since then, many other events have followed our initiative, and our little idea has had a big impact, and this partnership is now a standard feature of preloved fashion-focused markets.

The Red Cross operates around 150 shops to generate funds to support a number of important programs. One of the many examples is a program that supplies healthy breakfasts for thousands of disadvantaged kids across Australia every day. Clothing donations are vital to powering programs like this.

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