Whether you’re a collector of vintage clothing or a lover of labels, sometimes walking into the market and knowing where to start can be overwhelming (after you’ve got a coffee anyway!). We’ve talked to some of our expert shoppers to get feedback on their strategies and come up with our top 5 tips on how to get the most out of shopping at Round She Goes Market!


  1. Allow yourself plenty of time: The market opens at 10am. Arriving at open certainly means you’ll have more choice but later on in the day, stallholders might be more interested in negotiating (doors close at 3pm). You can get a pass out from the desk and return as many times as you like or it’s not unusual for people to stay all day!


  1. What to wear: Change rooms are provided but you can make trying things on easier by wearing stuff you can take off in a jiffy. That might be a dress and slip-on shoes or jean and a top.


  1. Bring cash: Some of the sellers do accept cards, but others will be cash only.


  1. Have a method: The hall is laid out in aisles so you can tackle them one by one. One of our expert shoppers said her technique is to do a walk around and look for stallholders who are dressed in a style you like. Tackle their stalls first as you’re more likely to find things that suit and will fit.


  1. Bring your girlfriends – shopping is way more fun in packs! There is a cafe and workshops so it’s easy to make a day of it.vintage clothing market adelaide